Beurtvaartkade (Terneuzen)

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Beurtvaartkade (Terneuzen)

Terneuzen (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen)

  • Depth of harbour: 300m
  • Traditional ship


Discover Terneuzen´s marina on the Scheldeboulevard.

In the 12th century, the city of Terneuzen was called Ter Nose, a name that was first recorded in 1325. At the time, the so-called Gentse Vaart ran from Terneuzen to Ghent, but during the pacification of Ghent, the city fell into the hands of the Dutch States Army. What is now the market was once the harbour, first mentioned as far back as 1460.

This small harbour was used for transferring goods onto barges that were heading for Ghent. By 1491, the small village had been fortified, possibly due to its strategic location on the canal to Ghent. This canal, the Gentse Vaart stayed in use until 1583, when it was closed off by additional fortifications. In 1827, the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal was completed and two locks were built in Terneuzen.

The arrival of the canal brought economic growth and Terneuzen grew into an important centre of trade. Modern-day Terneuzen has more than 55,000 inhabitants, making it the largest municipality in Zeeland.


Location address

Beurtvaartkade (Terneuzen)
  • Address



500 meter
1500 meter
300 meter
1500 meter
  • Near the river/canal
  • Near the city /village
  • Near the beach /sea
  • In the centre



  • Elecriciteitsaansluiting
  • Watertappunt


  • Traditional ship
300 m


  • Traditional ship
  • Westerschelde
Inland water


  • Suitable for disabled