Loskade (Middelburg)

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Loskade (Middelburg)

Middelburg (Walcheren)

  • Depth of harbour: 420m
  • Traditional ship


Middelburg is the provincial capital of the Zeeland. It is situated between Amsterdam and Antwerp, and has played an important part in Dutch history since the Golden Age. During this period, Middelburg grew into one of the most important trading cities in the Netherlands.

When guests arrive in modern-day Middelburg, they find themselves embarking on a voyage into a remarkable history.  Ships have the choice of Middleburg´s characteristic port in the historic city centre, which is Blue Flag-certified, or you can berth in one of the historic landing quays near to the former warehouses of the Dutch East India Company.

This characteristic harbour can be accessed via the Canal through Walcheren, from Vlissingen and the Westerschelde estuary or from the Oosterschelde estuary/Veerse Meer Lake. Shops for buying supplies are within easy reach, you can enjoy a lovely lunch or delicious dinner in the cities many cafés and restaurants, and you´re never very far away from your mooring.

Experience the tall ships of the Dutch East India Company and find out how the sailors used to prepare for their global voyages across the seven seas. Take a look at our photo album for a taste of the Loskade. In short: don´t forget to plan a visit to Middelburg or an overnight stay in the Loskade!


Location address

Loskade (Middelburg)
  • Address



200 meter
7000 meter
500 meter
2000 meter
  • Public paid parking
  • Parking for busses/coaches
100 meter
  • Near the river/canal
  • Near the city /village
  • Near the station
  • In the centre



  • Elecriciteitsaansluiting
  • Watertappunt


  • Blauwe Vlag
  • Traditional ship
420 m


  • Traditional ship
  • Kanaal door Walcheren
  • Yacht harbour
  • Canoeing
  • Motorboot varen
Inland water


  • Suitable for disabled