Zeeland's Highlights

(Visiting the Delta Works, lunch, tour of Veere, free time/shopping, sightseeing on the island of Walcheren)

After the North Sea floods of 1953, the dikes were reinforced and dams were built, including the storm surge barrier called the Delta Works, which is the one you will be visiting. There is a film about its construction and exhibitions about hydraulic engineering in the Netherlands. You can walk through one of surge barrier´s pillars, which is an impressive feat of engineering! You´ll get a good idea of just how colossal the barrier is, as well as the power and speed at which the water flows through it. A guide will accompany you during this visit.

After lunch, you´ll leave for the historic town of Veere, located on the banks of Veerse Meer Lake. The town´s considerable history is still visible today, and is combined with modern-day Zeelandic hospitality. Your guide will show you the town hall and the Grote Kerk (Great Church) on an impressive tour of the town, followed by time for meandering around the picturesque streets and a look at the boats in the marina.

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