Middelburg and more

(Visiting a dairy, sightseeing on the island of Walcheren, lunch, Middelburg by horse-drawn tram, the Zeeuws Museum and free time)

The day starts with a trip to a dairy where milk is turned into cheese using traditional techniques, straight from the cows. The milk is also used to make yoghurt and buttermilk. You will be given a tour of the farm and of the dairy, where you will be able to watch them making the cheese. You will also have the opportunity to taste some of the cheeses and buy them in the shop should you so wish. After the dairy, you can explore the island of Walcheren which is a peninsular known for its lovely beaches, historic towns, long coastline, winding country lanes, meandering polders and green pastures. There will be a break for lunch on route.

The afternoon’s itinerary includes time to explore the provincial capital of Zeeland, Middelburg, on a horse-drawn tram (max. 40 people). Middelburg is stooped in rich cultural history with approximately 1100 historic buildings and monuments of all kinds of different sizes. During the tram ride, your guide will show you all of the city’s magnificent warehouse and impressive buildings, like the town hall and the ‘Lange Jan’ or Long John tower. After the tram ride, you will have some free time to go shopping for example.

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