Footsteps of the North Sea Floods

(Visiting the North Sea floods museum, lunch, tour of Zierikzee, free time and sightseeing)

This excursion starts at the North Sea floods museum, a museum dedicated to the commemoration of the North Sea floods which took place on 1st February 1953 and killed 1853 people. The museum is housed in the enormous Phoenix caissons that were used to seal the breach in the dike that caused the flood, and has old film footage, diaries, models and other objects that give an impression of the first days of the disaster and the aid that was sent from all over the place in the days that followed.

After lunch, you'll head for Zierikzee, a picturesque and historic city on the Oosterschelde estuary where you will be shown a round by a guide.

A significant part of Zierikzee was destroyed by the North Sea floods except for parts of the city on higher ground. These managed to escape and served as a refuge for people who needed to be evacuated to safety. Your tour guide will take you in the footsteps of the floods, pointing out elements that are a reminder of the disaster. This is followed by an opportunity to explore Zierikzee on your own.

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