Zeeuws museum, Middelburg

Zeeuws museum Middelburg(Subject to availability. Parts of the abbey are used by the provincial authorities and are therefore not open for tours on Saturday or Sunday)

The abbey was founded in around 1100 by monks from Flanders. The cloister acquired great wealth and the abbot became one of the most powerful and most influential in all of Zeeland. After the Prince of Orange conquered the city in 1574, the monks were forced to leave, and for the exception of the churches, the complex was taken over by the States of Zeeland, a function which the abbey still performs to this day.

This excursion includes a guided tour around the complex and the opportunity to sit in the States Room (Statenzaal), the seat of the provincial authorities, the States Provincial. You’ll get a good impression of how the building used today, and how it used to be used in the past.

After the States Room, you´ll make your way down into the crypt where there are four sarcophagi decorated with frescos (paintings). It´ll be a like travelling back in time. This is followed by a guided tour of the ancient cloisters, towards the herb garden and on to the Koorkerk (Choir Church), Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and the Wandelkerk (Walking Church).

The abbey complex is also home to the largest museum in Zeeland, the Zeeuws Museum. This holds the world-famous series of 16th-century tapestries and has collections of paintings, porcelain, traditional folk costume and ethnography. After this, you will have some free time to explore.

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