Hunting for history!

(Tour of Middelburg, boat trip and free time)

The provincial capital of Zeeland has certainly earned its title as a historic city. It is stooped in cultural history with approximately 1100 historic buildings and monuments of all different sizes. Take the tremendous abbey for example, or the impressive town hall and magnificent warehouses, and for many years, Middelburg was the second most important city in the Netherlands to the Dutch East India Company, preceded only by Amsterdam.

The guide will walk you past the stately warehouses and the city´s impressive historic buildings. You´ll pass the town hall and the ‘Lange Jan’ or Long John tower, finishing the tour with a ride on an open-topped sloop along the city´s canals. This will give you an opportunity to see the sights from a completely different perspective. You´ll sail under the occasional low-slung bridge - so don´t forget to duck! - and after the tour, you will have time to yourself for visiting the city’s unusual shops or sitting down for a cup of something and a delicious local speciality in one of the many cafés and restaurants.

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Lange Jan Middelburg  Sint Jorisdoelen Middelburg  De Kuiperspoort Middelburg