Zeeland Cruise

Zeeland Cruise

Zeeland has a lot to offer cruise passengers, and our Zeeland Cruise is the perfect way to see Zeeland's most beautiful and most impressive cultural and historical sights. This package is brand new and exclusive, making it a valuable addition for cruise passengers who have already seen a lot of the world and are looking for somewhere new.

The Zeeland Cruise can be booked for a period of 7 days and includes docking in various harbours throughout Zeeland and a wide variety of excursions. These excursions can be made-to-measure and are led by our professional team of tour guides.

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One-day excursions

We have compiled a selection of one-day excursions for cruise passengers who would like to spend a whole day (minimum of 6 hours) exploring Zeeland. These excursions can be altered to suit personal preferences and schedules. What about a visit to the North Sea floods museum combined with the Delta Works, a tour of the picturesque town of Veere, a visit to a dairy or the oyster pits in Yerseke, and a boat trip? It's entirely up to you!

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Half-day excursions

For cruise passengers who prefer to explore Zeeland a little at a time, we have compiled some special half-day excursions (4 hours). This give you time to visit the impressive Delta Works for example, take a tour of historic Middelburg, or a boat trip through the Oosterschelde National Park. These are just a few examples of the many excursions on offer in Zeeland and we also offer made-to-measure excursions.

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