Come and find out about the rich history of Zierikzee. There are numerous museums to visit, on your own, as a group or as part of a guided tour, and its streets are filled with historical buildings. Zierikzee is the capital of Schouwen-Duiveland and was declared a historical monument in 1971. In fact for a relatively small town, Zierikzee has a total of 568 listed buildings, making it one of its most famous characteristics.

Trade, industry and fishing have brought the city wealth, prosperity and beauty over the centuries. By the beginning of the 15th century, the city had already gained its striking skyline of defensive walls, gates, churches, towers and windmills. The ancient town gate is the way through to the charming town centre with its many shops and lively pavement cafés: a truly welcoming place.

Zierikzee’s most eye-catching historical monument is the St. Lievens Monstertoren Tower, also known as the Dikke Toren. The tower can be seen from miles around and is identical to the Sint-Romboutstoren tower in the Belgian town of Mechelen. The tower was originally meant to be the highest in the country, yet it was never completed for lack of funding. Nevertheless, its height gives visitors breathtaking views out over the town.

Thursday is market day on Havenplein square and together with Havenpark and Oude Haven harbour, Havenplein square forms the bustling heart of Zierikzee. There’s always a lot going on here, especially in summer. During the summer, the marina on Nieuwe Haven street, which serves as the gateway to the Oosterschelde estuary, is at its most lively. It’s always bustling with local mussel fishermen and it’s a great place for sitting back and watching the ships coming in and out of the harbour; ships of all shapes and sizes, whilst you enjoy a good glass of local wine or a refreshing beer.

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