Regional specialities

Your mouth will be watering all day long when you’re exploring Zeeland´s coastline. So why not give in to temptation with a delicious selection of the region´s specialty seafood for lunch or evening meal.

Melt-in-your-mouth mussels 
MusselsMussels are at their tastiest when there is an R in the month. And mussels are simply delicious: try a pan full of steaming ´black gold´ (as they are called in Zeeland) that has been cooked in beer or in wine with green vegetables until it just melts in your mouth.

You can find mussels on the menu all over Zeeland and there are also villages that specialise in mussel fishing, with specialist restaurants in the villages of Bruinisse, Yerseke and Philippine.

Then there is the Eastern Scheldt lobster, which is unique to Zeeland which also has a unique flavour. Its flavour is much more refined and subtle than any other lobster, in fact you can tell whether or not you´re eating in one of Zeeland´s better restaurants, depending on whether they have Eastern Scheldt lobster (Oosterscheldekreeft) on the menu or a different sort. The Eastern Scheldt lobster tastes delicious as a bisque, and boiled with a little marsh samphire on the side they are just irresistible. 

Eastern Scheldt lobsterSweet and salty: Oysters
The oysters in Zeeland have the most fantastic salty and refreshing flavour. They are best when served in freshly-squeezed lemon juice, which makes a delicious combination of salty and sweet. Oysters are generally serves at the better restaurants in Zeeland, including the mussel restaurants in the villages of Bruinisse, Yerseke and Philippine.

Delicious with fruit bread: Winkles
WinklesWinkles (Kreukels) are sea snails with a dark brown shell and a see-through, yellowy-brown operculum (literal meaning: little lid). Winkles like to hide in inaccessible places like breakwaters and rocky ledges where they can only be harvested by hand. Traditionally, the locals like to eat winkles with fruit bread: a delicious combination of sweet and salty!

Crunchy and deliciously salty: marsh samphire and sea lavendermarsh samphire and sea lavender
These delectable and delicious vegetables that go well with fish and lobster dishes and are often on the menu in Zeeland´s restaurants. Marsh samphire is a salt-loving plant that loves very salty water; sea lavender is a plant that can tolerate salty water very well but does not necessarily love being in it. This is why of these two vegetables, marsh samphire is the saltiest. Both vegetables are best blanched briefly, or stir fried. They are crunchy, salty and pure: they are the taste of Zeeland.