Zeeland is a source of inspiration

Bart van der Weide, RacoonWhen life as a musician gets hectic and chaotic, the peace and quiet in Zeeland is always welcoming. That's why I decided to go back to my roots after 13 years and come back to live in Goes. The sun is always shining here, even if it's raining elsewhere. There is plenty of open space and the people here are very down to earth, which all helps me keep my feet firmly on the ground.

It was great fun growing up in Zeeland and I would like my children to grow up like that too. When we can, we try to go in search of sun, sea and sand with the kids, and don't forget the woods too; preferably those near Oostkapelle. The woods there mean something special to me. I love to wander under the knotted trees, catch a glimpse of the castle every now and then, and hear the waves breaking on the shore. I have spent many an hour walking through those woods, lying under the trees, thinking, writing: the atmosphere there is just right.

Zeeland is a constant source of inspiration for me. Parts of my songs, ‘Love you more’ and ‘Little down on the upside’ are about Zeeland and ‘My Town’ is an ode to my home town of Goes. When I have an evening off, I'll pop into town for a drink at La Strada and something to eat at Restaurant Het Binnenhof. Goes has a pretty good nightlife, but I would recommend on trying it out for yourself when you're here…

See you in Zeeland!

Bart van der Weide, Racoon