The weather in Zeeland

Marjon de Hond presented the weather on Dutch TV for 10 years and knew exactly what the viewers were looking for. She lived in Tholen op Tholen until she was 21 and spent almost every weekend at her grandparents' farm in Zuid-Beveland, which is a tradition just like it is with many families. She still longs for the quiet life she had in Zeeland, away from the hustle and bustle of Hilversum; for Tholen and her grandma and grandpa's farm. Marjon left Zeeland to study and has not yet returned, but that may change one day.

Addicted to the weather channel
Whilst she looks up at the sky as it reflects a shade of grey in the water behind her, she continues: "I'm addicted to the weather channel, Buienradar. If I know rain is on its way, I will look up the weather forecast on Buienradar, an online weather channel, and then look outside at the clouds, and then back at the weather channel. I love looking at the clouds and my favourite type of cloud is the kind that causes the rain storms, the cumulonimbus or rain cloud. But the ominous shelf clouds are also beautiful to look at. If I know that type of cloud is headed my way then I'll rush indoors because I know that a thunder storm is about to hit.

Marjon's garden in Almere
Marjon lives with her family in Almere. Her garden is certainly not as big as her grandparents' garden where she spent her youth, but it's still overflowing. She counts them on her fingers: “An apple tree, a plum tree, a grapevine full of grapes, raspberries, tomatoes, lettuces and then we have 2 chickens, 2 rabbits and 2 cats. I love gardening and love animals too. When I was 3 years old, I would stand in between the bulls with my grandpa and feed them mangel-wurzel, which are fodder beets. I was never afraid of the animals, even though they were enormous.

On the farm in Zeeland
The sense of freedom out on the farm is fantastic of course. Helping to lift the potatoes, by hand mind you, and pulling out the carrots. That was real work, and we did it with all the family. I really do hope that at some point in the future, we might get the chance to move back to Zeeland, to a farm with animals and a vegetable garden. If I was to go back into television I think I'd like to make a programme about life on the farm, keeping animals and growing vegetables. And yes, the weather plays an important part in all that too!” Either that, or a cookery programme, something about food or children, because nowadays, they don't always know that apples grow on trees and that milk comes from cows.

At home in Tholen
Marjon likes to go back to her parental home in Tholen regularly. Without fail, she’ll call her mother with the same question: “We're on our way to see you, can we have a bolus roll (sweet traditional pastry) with our cup of coffee?" Marjon and her family love them with a cup of coffee and it has been a tradition in the De Hond household for a long time.