Cleanest beaches in the Netherlands

In 2011, Zeeland won the award for the cleanest beaches in the Netherlands and the municipality of Sluis (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) won first place. The municipality was awarded the highest score in history: each 12 of its beaches and the beach access points were given 10 out of 10! This is the first time in 9 years of the Cleanest Beach in the Netherlands competition that a municipality scored straight tens. The municipality of Noord-Beveland won 2nd place.

Clean beaches
The municipalities in the province of Zeeland put a lot of time and energy into keeping the beaches of Zeeland clean. They do this in collaboration with the owners of the beach pavilions, the various businesses that use the beaches and the visitors. That´s the only way for us all to ensure the beaches in Zeeland remain the cleanest and the safest, as well as accessible to everyone. And we are very proud of it!

Cleanest Beach Awards
Stichting Nederland Schoon (Keeping the Netherlands Clean Foundation) organises the awards for the cleanest beach of the year. The aim of the awards is to stimulate wardens, municipal councils and business owners to promote their hospitality by keeping the beaches clean. The Dutch beaches are inspected every summer by unannounced inspections that generally take place at the end of the day, and sometimes the following morning too. The results are then judged by a jury at the end of the season. The winners receive a golden pennant called a Gouden Wimpel.

Renesse wins the public award
In 2011, a new award was presented for the cleanest beach, but this time, it was chosen by the public. The call for votes was well received and approximately 2300 people voted for the beaches they thought were the cleanest. Remarkably, some three quarters of the votes went to the beaches in Zeeland. Renesse was the overall winner with a score of 9.85. Veere and Sluis were popular too with scores of 9.62 and 9.57 respectively.

A list of all the cleanest beaches in Zeeland.