Weather in Zeeland


Glorious sunshine

Zeeland boasts the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, but that’s not the only reason it’s a great place to visit. Surrounded by water, the province has a temperate maritime climate. The sea keeps temperatures mild, with cooler summers and warmer winters when temperatures rarely drop below zero (degrees Celsius). The temperature of the water is also slightly warmer than the rest of the Netherlands because the North Sea is relatively shallow here, allowing the sun to heat the water faster.

Windy weather

While temperatures might be mild, Zeeland’s weather is characterised by strong winds. Make sure to pack wet weather wear if visiting in spring, autumn or winter. It’s always windy and the winds can be strong, building up full force over the North Sea, with few obstacles to slow them down. While storms in autumn are frequent and strong, they make for some spectacularly high waves.