Sand & Sea

Strandpalen Domburg

Cleanest and sunniest beaches

Dunes and dikes offer the only elevation in this region with sandy beaches that spread for miles: wide and uninterrupted. Others have characteristic breakwaters jutting out into the sea and in some places you can drive your surf gear right up to the water’s edge, over the dams and dikes. One thing all of the province’s beaches have in common though, is that from Brouwersdam to Cadzand and from Domburg to Colijnsplaat, Zeeland has the cleanest and sunniest beaches in the whole of the Netherlands.

Discover Zeeland’s beaches

Kajakken Cadzand-Bad

Water sports

Winds and high waves make the North Sea’s beaches perfect for extreme sports such as kitesurfing and wakeboarding. There are even specially designated beaches for kitesurfers.

You can also explore Zeeland’s coast in a kayak or head further out to sea in a motorboat or sail boat. And what about a fishing trip complete with your very own skipper?

For diving, the world-famous diving location, Oosterschelde National Park, is teeming with plant and animal life and Grevelingen Lake is an equally popular diving destination.

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