Safe, clean beaches

For years now, Zeeland’s beaches have been the cleanest in the Netherlands. Lifeguards are stationed on many beaches and the beaches have plenty of amenities to ensure you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand safely. Together with the following safety tips, they make the perfect start to a carefree day at the beach.

Schoonste strand

Clean beaches

All Zeeland’s beaches are managed by a beach authority. This is either the municipality or an organisation hired by the municipality. All facilities on the beach are owned by the beach authority, which ensures proper maintenance, and municipalities are responsible for maintaining access to the beaches through dune access points.

Lifeguards ensure that beaches are kept clean and it is because of this clean-beach policy and their high level of service that many of Zeeland’s beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag Label for quality. Did you know that some beach showers have even been fitted with a legionella filter?

Genietende kinderen op het strand van Groede

Safety tip 1: Children

Many beaches have orientation poles topped with funny animal or cartoon figures, making them easy orientation points for children. After an hour of swimming, they’ll easily be able to make their way back to their beach towel. In addition, several lifeguard stations allow you to pick up a bracelet which you can write your last name and telephone number on and put it around your child’s wrist in case they get lost.


Security tip 2: Warning flags

Lifeguard stations hang coloured flags out that indicate whether it’s safe to go in the water. Green means it’s safe to go swimming; yellow means it’s dangerous to go swimming and dangerous to have floating objects such as air mattresses and large toys in the water; red means swimming is prohibited; red with a blue field in the centre means floating objects are not allowed in the water; white with a blue question mark means a child has gone missing or has reported to the lifeguard; the Blue Flag is a European quality assurance designation awarded to clean and safe beaches.