Zeeland´s nature

Natuurgebied De Braakman

Zeeland’s landscape

The islands of Zeeland were originally created by the tide and people have since filled in the gaps, so to speak. The countryside is still scarred by creeks and potholes (‘kolks’) that keep appearing as a constant reminder of how difficult it was to do. They are reminiscent of breaches in the region´s dikes, good examples of which can be found in De Braakman tidal inlet in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (which is split into North and South) and the beloved Zak van Zuid-Beveland area with its flower-dikes and age-old waters. Dike breaches are responsible for giving the coastline of the Oosterschelde estuary in Noord-Beveland its rugged shape, its inlets and its mud flats.

Enjoying of the nature in Zeeland

Tour Zeeland’s landscape

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy the wide variety of Zeeland’s countryside in just one afternoon:

  1. Head to the gardens at the Terra Maris museum: Zeeland’s countryside emulated in 2.5 hectares of landscaped gardens.
  2. Most of Het Zwin Nature Reserve technically belongs to Belgium and we can highly recommend an invigorating walk through its dunes followed by a sit down at one of the beach pavilions overlooking the nature reserve.
  3. Nothing typifies Zeeland’s countryside more than sand, sea and a strong breeze – and you’ll find them all on the nature reserve that is the artificial island of Neeltje Jans. Come and blow the cobwebs away to the soothing sound of the seagulls.


Guided nature trails & excursions

You could spend hours wandering through Zeeland’s lovely nature reserves, enjoying the beach, dunes and tidal marshes in the Kwade Hoek nature reserve or hunting for shark’s teeth in Het Zwin nature reserve. You could go bird watching in Prunje nature reserve or the ‘Bokkegat’ nature area, or you might prefer rambling over the dunes in Westerschouwen Forest or admiring the luscious blooms of the rhododendrons in De Manteling nature area. Alternatively, you could take a guided tour. The various nature reserves have organised nature trails and guided excursions for adults and children alike. You’ll learn more about the plants and the animals, and you could even spend the day with the real-life ranger!

Explore Zeeland’s nature reserves

Conservation organisations in Zeeland