Historic buildings & monuments

Many of Zeeland’s towns and cities are historically well-preserved; their buildings and monuments look just as they did hundreds of years ago. You’ll find serene-looking churches, striking town houses, traditional workshops, stately mansions and impressive warehouses. Middelburg and Zierikzee make you feel like you have just stepped back in time, as you stroll along the cobbled streets discovering more and more history with every step. You will also find plenty of Zeeland´s charming and characteristic historic buildings outside of the cities´ walls such as windmills and farmhouses.

Overview of Zeeland’s historic sights

Vuurtoren Burgh Haamstede


A province with as much coastline as Zeeland has, needs plenty of lighthouses to guide all the boats safely into port. Westerlicht near Burgh-Haamstede and Zuiderhoofd in Westkapelle are among the province’s most famous lighthouses. The first once decorated the 250 guilder note, whilst the latter was depicted in several of Mondriaan’s paintings.

Overview of Zeeland’s lighthouses

Molen IJzendijke


Head into Zeeland’s countryside and you’re sure to come across a windmill or two, in fact most villages has one. They would have been used for milling grain or rapeseed, and would have been vital to the local economy. Many of them are still kept in working order and are open to the public. Many still sell flour or other regional products in their shops.

Overview of Zeeland´s windmills