Culture in Zeeland

Experience the cultural side of Zeeland. Its light has inspired so many painters, photographers and artists, that we are sure Zeeland will inspire you too!

Kunstenaarsdorp Domburg

Domburg village: an artists´ colony

The village of Domburg is well-known in Zeeland as a popular artists´ colony. In the early twentieth century, it was a seaside resort for the well-to-do and it soon started attracting the artists of the day.



Mondriaan and Toorop

Artists such as Mondriaan, and Jan and Charley Toorop were inspired by the quality of the light in Zeeland and made a stir in the art world with the works they created here. Their legacy is still alive in Domburg today and there are many galleries in the village where you can sometimes still come across works by these great artists. Moreover, the Marie Tak van Poortvliet Museum shows exhibitions about these very artists who passed through Domburg in the early twentieth century, and if you would like to see just where the famous works of art were actually made, then you should join the Mondriaan Tour.

Domburg is still a mecca for contemporary artists today, and every year around Pentecost, some forty to fifty artists gather here during International Art Week (known as Schildersweek in Dutch). 

Watertoren Oostburg Johnny Beerens

Outdoor art

Street art is popular in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen too. There you’ll find a towering 20 by 22-metre silo painted with five loaves and two fishes. The silo is the work of artist Johnny Beerens, who also painted huge drops of water running down Oostburg’s water tower, which makes it look as if it is leaking.

Racoon Zeeland Nazomerfestival

Art festivals

Cultural festivals in Zeeland start in spring and go on through the summer and into the autumn season. The province’s festivals feature writers, visual artists, filmmakers and artists who trigger, astonish, inspire and put smiles on faces. More specifically, there is the outdoor Onderstroom Festival, the Nazomerfestival and the Festival van Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen for true classical music fans.

Beeldenroute Terneuzen

Art tours

Zeeland is an inspiring province. The landscape, the rhythm of the sea and the unique quality of light here attract many artists. You’ll find art tours throughout the province that will take you to galleries and artists’ studios and there are cycle paths and footpaths in Vlissingen that take you past statues and all kinds of outdoor art. In Terneuzen, a new sculpture tour is created every year.