Traditional treats

Bolus pastry rolls are one of Zeeland’s most popular traditional treats. These rolls are made using white bread dough that’s rolled out into a long strand and covered in brown sugar. The strand is then rolled up into a spiral shape and the sugar melts into a syrupy treacle during baking. The tastiest bolus is so deliciously sticky that you will want to lick your fingers! 


Soft and creamy

The trick to baking a perfect bolus is to remove it from the oven at just the right moment. Remove it too early and it’ll be underdone; take it out too late and it’ll be rock hard: a really good bolus should have a soft texture, with very little need to bite at all. For an extra scrumptious treat, make them with real creamy Zeeland butter.


Annual baking competition

Every year, the best bolus bakers are nominated for the prize of ‘best bolus baker’. Of course the winner is always a baker from Zeeland!