Culinary Zeeland

With the sea only a stone´s throw away and fresh produce from local farms within arm’s reach, it´s no wonder the region´s culinary specialities taste so honest and pure. Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining or a picnic and a bottle of wine by the sea, you’ll love what Zeeland has to offer.

Zeeuwse streekproducten

Local wines and seasonal specialities

Thanks to its mild climate, Zeeland produces many delicious varieties of wine, but also fresh local products. Many vineyards and farms are open to visitors and often sell home grown or homemade products such as cheeses, jams, fruit, vegetables and more.

Fruit plukken

Tasting tour

Wherever you are in Zeeland, you will always be close to the food that is served in the local restaurants, cafés and shops. But there is certainly no need to restrict yourself to this, because in Zeeland, the food is literally growing on trees.

Cycle past the blossoming fruit trees on the dikes of Zuid-Beveland in spring, take the shrimp fishermen tour in Stellendam or go snorkelling in Grevelingen Lake and see how beautiful the fish look before they make it onto your plate! Alternatively, you might like to meet the unique Eastern Scheldt lobster in its own habitat whilst diving in the Oosterschelde estuary. And whilst you are in the region, don’t forget to sample Zeeland’s sweet specialty pastry, the bolus!


Mussels and herring

Of all of Zeeland’s sea food that the province is famous for, it is most famous for its mussels. In the town of Bruinisse or village of Philippine for example, they have put up statues immortalising these amazing molluscs: the perfect photo opportunity! And while you might not find any statues in the mussel-fishing village of Yerseke, they do offer boat tours out into the mussel fields. In addition to the mussel, the gibbing process of salting herring was invented in Zeeland, by Willem Beukelsz who’s been honoured with a statue in Biervliet.

Edwin Vinke - Kromme Watergang

Michelin Stars

Having the best of both the land and sea has inspired some of the best chefs in the world to come to Zeeland to create fabulous food. In fact, Zeeland has the most Michelin-starred restaurants per capita of any other Dutch province. Zeeland boasts seven Michelin-starred restaurants: Oud Sluis, De Kromme Watergang, Inter Scaldes, La Trinité, Pure C, ’t Vlasbloemken and Katseveer. Each of them offers an unparalleled dining experience.


Culinary tours and tastings

Zalig Zeeland (Heavenly Zeeland) is a cycling guidebook that takes you past all of Zeeland’s culinary highlights. The route takes you to places like fish farms and eel smokers where you can learn all about the secrets of the region´s specialty seafood. For groups, you’ll find culinary tours in towns and cities like Zierikzee, Yerseke and Terneuzen that will take you to several restaurants or wine tasting locations for an educational, but more importantly, delicious lesson in the local history and food culture.