Tour Guides

We have an expert team of some 55 experienced tour guides here to help you find your way around Zeeland. They are well-versed in Zeeland's cultural history and can tell you all of the ins and outs about ancient towns and villages; the region’s countryside; its nature areas, nature reserves and national parks, as well as the local Zeelandic traditions. Our guides enjoy showing visitors around the most beautiful parts of Zeeland, whilst sharing interesting, funny and unusual facts about Zeeland!

Your passengers will be blissfully unaware that there are strict protocols for guided tours and excursions, but you can rely on our team to adhere to them to the letter. We offer guided tours and excursions all year round, and our tour guides enjoy adjusting the content to give it its own seasonal and personal character. You can book our guides for all kinds of day trips, such as cycle tours, walks, city tours, boat trips and coach tours. They can join you for part of a day, or a whole day. It’s up to you.

We have a multi-lingual team that speaks Dutch, English, French and German. All you need to do is ask.

For more information, please contact our group bookings team on:

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